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Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding

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·Jan 21, 2020·

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Social Media Branding

Social media branding is one of the powerful criteria to evaluate or assess an individual, business group and, an organization in this technology age. Whether or not we like social media, it has come to stay and it plays big roles in our lives as it has become part of our lives. I was having a discussion with some set of people a very long time ago where someone said and I quote “The Internet never forgets!”. During the discussion we talked about politics, how some politicians had said or done some things many years back thereby haunting them in the present, in fact, it cost some of them juicy or elective positions because the internet records everything.

A lot of people fail to understand that factual fact that their activities on social media tell a lot about them and that everyone is watching whatever you post or tweet. Each Time I saw people most especially youths misusing or tarnishing their very own brand or image on social media, I can’t help but just feel sorry for them because everything is in the record as long as the world exists.

I attended a business masterclass last year, and one of the tutors schooled us on Branding, it was an eye-opening for everyone under the tutelage that very day. The tutor challenged us to google our name and see the result we would get, some of us smiled, while some were not happy with what they saw, Why? Because their profile was discouraging that nobody would wanna associate with them, that was the day I made some changes to my social media accounts and even after I read another ebook on Social Media Branding last week, I updated my Instagram name and Bio, and Twitter Bio. I have amended so many things on my social media accounts because I know sure that they represent me out there.

And, talking about the Employers, they are so much concerned about your presence and activities on social media because they understand that it speaks well of you and reveals to them whom they are employing.

Five essentials of Social Media Branding:

  1. Full Name:

I use my real name on all my social media accounts, please our name should be real and true. Using your real name on social media shows that you are really not fake. People should be able to identify you with your real name.

  1. Display Picture:

I always use my best picture on my social media accounts. It is very essential to have a good display picture. Something that represents you. Either a good selfie or a casual or professional picture. Professional pictures are highly recommended for people in career and business. Some people use the pictures of other celebrities, people, memes and most times, their accounts are suspended because they think it is a catfish account. Other times, they don’t have a display picture. Why? Nothing really.

  1. Bio:

I write a short paragraph that best describes me and what I do. This is the heart of social media branding. Your bio is a brief summary of you, what you do and what you are passionate about. Bios that have “Proudly Igbo”, “Jesus Baby”, ‘I rep May 23 rd ”, “Proudly Isoko” are not necessary. The worst of them all is, “Don’t follow me follow your dreams”, “Follow me or I unfollow you”, “Sapiosexual”, “Demisexual”. These things are very irrelevant. “Biochemist”, “Undergraduate law student” are all irrelevant as long as branding is not concerned.

What should I expect from a bio?

Your bio should be simple, precise, matured and brief (if possible). Before we complain about celebrities that snub us, check your bio and ask yourself “Will I reduce myself to this level of responding to someone that does not have a clear vision and direction for life?” Right from time, my bio has been very simple. Front-End Engineer, react.js, An Aspiring Full-Stack Developer, JavaScript Enthusiast, Tech Lover, Computer Scientist

4. Header or Cover Photo:

I use a picture of mine or of a man on a black shirt with a textProgramming is thinking not Typing”, this text says almost everything about me because anybody seeing that would say Oh! He is a computer programmer.

Most times, people with the best bio and display pictures always disappoint me with their headers. And I know that I am not the only one that has experienced this. Your header or cover photo should be really nice and captivating. Something that talks about you or what you are passionate about. Some people use their personal logo or business logo as their header. Some use a word that inspires them and motivates them as their header. Some people use their favorite meme or emoji as their header. Some use some sexual posts or pictures of alcohol, weed, music, microphone or even money as their header. Some use the pictures of their siblings, spouse or children as their header. It all depends on you and what you want to do. But your header should not be disappointing. Avoid using posts or memes that are very offensive or images that are so sensitive.

5. Content/Tweet/Post:

I am very much mindful of what I tweet and post because I know that everything goes down to the book of record, do not forget the Internet never forgets!

You must ensure your tweets/post corresponds with your bio and your header. It should have value in it. Give people reasons to follow you and look up to you. Give people reasons to look forward to your tweet. Create such a great impression on your platform so much that your absence will be felt; even if it is for one day. Social media is a community where you can always find your niche. Some people use social media as a tool to chase clout and be famous. Some use social media as a tool for networking, learning and becoming. Some use social media to sell their products and services. No matter what happens, don’t lose your identity for cheap things and temporary pleasure.

You are a brand!!!

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